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Did you know you can now enjoy a beverage from the comfort of your own seat during the performance?

Purchase an Aberdeen Community Theatre souvenir cup, have it filled with your favorite drink at the concession stand in the Jane West gallery and enjoy the show.



  1. It makes attending a show more fun! Allowing patrons to bring cups into the theater places your experiences like that of going to the movies or Broadway in New York.

  2. Selling cups generates revenue. Additional revenue sources allow you to continue to support YOUR programming in the Capitol Theatre.




What are the cup sizes and prices?
Small cup – $5
Large cup – $8


What is served in each cup size and at what price?
7 ounce wine – $5   14 ounce wine – $10
12 ounce beer-$5, available only for large cups
7 ounce soda – donation   14 ounce soda – donation


Can I order my drinks before intermission?
Yes. Just print THIS DOCUMENT, complete it and give the concessions attendant your payment
and the form before the show begins to use the express beverage line at intermission.


Does this mean I can take food in the theater?
No food of any kind is allowed in the theater.


Can I bring a drink into the theater without an ACT spill proof cup?
No. Only drinks in an ACT spill proof cup are allowed in the theater.


Can I bring in my own spill proof cup?
No. Only ACT souvenir cups are allowed in the theater.


Do I have to buy a spill proof cup to buy a drink?
Yes. If you are purchasing wine or soda that you want to take into the theater.
No. If you are purchasing soda, but you will not be able to take it into the theater.


Can I pre-order my drink so I don’t have to wait in line during intermission?
Yes. Pick up a pre-order form at the concessions stand in the Jane West gallery, fill it out and complete your transaction prior to show time and your order will be waiting for you at the wine station at the start of intermission.


Can I get refills?
Yes. Refills are allowed at the price of the drink.


Can I use my spill proof cup at more than one ACT event?
Yes. You only need to purchase one souvenir cup and can have it refilled (at the drink price) at each ACT event you attend.


Where are cups sold?
Cups are sold in the Jane West Gallery at the concession stand.


Will allowing cups in the theatre damage the space?
The integrity of our space is second only to our patron’s experience. The cups are designed to minimize spills that lead to damage of our space.


Who do I make comments to?
ACT has a house manger on duty at each performance. For any comments or concerns please ask any usher to point out the house manager or contact ACT at 605-225-2228 or SEND US AN EMAIL!

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