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Auditions for "Noir Suspicions"

Auditions for “Noir Suspicions” will be held at the Capitol Theatre, 415 S Main St., March 4th and 5th at 7pm. ACT is looking for three women and four men for the following roles:

RICHARD ARCHER - ex-private detective, now half owner of the Cafe Noir. His partner and girlfriend is -

SHEILA WONDERLY - ex-call girl, now the other half owner of the Cafe Noir.

ANTHONY CAIRO - a dealer in the black market, and hiding out from some smugglers he double-crossed.

DEPUTY INSPECTOR RIGFIELD - of the St. Vincent Police. He hates the Cafe Noir and has longed to close it down and get himself a promotion to full inspector.

INGRID LASZLO - a desperate woman being blackmailed.

SIDNEY FERRARI - the British owner of the Blue Parrot Resort and Condos on Tobago Cay and one of the Carribean’s wealthiest developers.

CLAUDETTE PONTE - a French blackmailer, known as Nurse Nightshade because of her expertise with poisons.

JUDGE KOCH - a magistrate from St. Vincent and regular at the Cafe Noir.

RENAULT - a taxi driver and member of the radical French Liberte party.


CLAUDETTE and JUDGE KOCH are played by the same actress.

RENAULT and RIGFIELD are played by the same actor.


No experience needed. No need to prepare.

Directed by Brian T. Schultz.

Tentative Show Dates: April 10-21.

Scripts available for 48 hours from either the ACT’s office or the K.O. Lee Library. Please note that script checkout is on a first come, first served basis.

AUDITION FORM - Noir Suspicions
Download PDF • 1.12MB

Download, fill out, and bring to you to auditions or email a copy to

ACT Returns to Café Noir!

Join us for a riveting evening as ACT returns to the beloved “Café Noir” with a thrilling sequel, bringing back characters from “Murder at Café Noir,” such as the witty Rick Archer and the enigmatic Sheila Wonderly. Immerse yourself in a delectable experience, enjoying a meal right onstage during this interactive and humorous murder mystery that pays homage to the timeless classic, “Casablanca.”

In this hard-boiled comic mystery sequel, Rick Archer, the ex-private eye turned perplexed manager of Café Noir on the picturesque island of Mustique, finds himself in a tight spot. The discovery of a lifeless body on the dock throws him into a web of intrigue, featuring a mysterious femme fatale, a cunning blackmailer with French connections, and a shrewd businessman with eyes on both Ms. Wonderly and the café itself.

The plot thickens as Rick is unjustly arrested after the blackmailer meets an untimely demise within the confines of his club. Now, it’s up to the audience to play detective, piecing together clues and convincing the magistrate of Rick’s innocence. With nods to the classic film, “Casablanca,” Noir Suspicions guarantees a delightful experience for audiences, whether or not they are familiar with the previous hit, “Murder at Café Noir.” Get ready for an evening filled with laughter, suspense, and a tribute to the golden era of cinema.

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