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Capitol Improvement Campaign

Aberdeen Community Theatre is proud to call the Capitol Theatre its home. Maintaining and repairing a beautiful, historic building involves continuous effort – and expense.

Originally built in 1926, the Capitol Theatre now houses a mix of the new and the old. Updated facilities include a state-of-the-art digital cinema and modern theatre lighting and sound systems. Our mainstage space is adorned with period-appropriate moldings and décor throughout the lobby and auditorium.

Keeping a building with so much history beautiful, safe and functional is an ongoing challenge and can be expensive! Sometimes, an urgent situation arises unexpectedly, something that’s not forseen in annual budget plans, and presents a real and immediate challenge.

We experienced such a situation recently when water damage after a severe rainstorm eroded the stability of an old brick chimney return, once connected to an older boiler system. Repairs were immediately needed, removing the structure brick by brick from 10 feet above the roof, all the way down to the sub-basement level. Structural repairs are complete, but there is finish work yet to be done to maintain the Capitol Theatre’s historic presence. The final bill will exceed $20,000, and we’re asking for your help.

You can ensure ACT improves and protects our most valuable asset – the historic Capitol Theatre – by making a gift to the “Capitol Campaign.” Online donations are safe, simple and secure. You may also use the form below to send in a contribution to help ACT ensure a bright future for our historic Capitol Theatre facility.

ACT works hard to provide high-quality entertainment and educational opportunities for everyone in the Aberdeen area. We cannot do it without you! Thank you for your continued support.

Close-up of water damaged brick and plaster wall.

Wall safety reinforcement before removal.

Wall removed as well as 10 feet of brick chimney return on the roof; openings in the floor and ceiling repaired.

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