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"Murder at Cafe Noir" auditions for dinner theater

AUDITIONS: August 21st and 22nd at 7pm at Capitol Theatre 415 S Main St.

SYNOPSIS: Enjoy food and drinks during ACT’s first dinner theatre production in decades! This 1940s detective story features Rick Archer, P.I., out to find a curvaceous runaway on the forgotten island of Mustique, a place stuck in a black-and-white era. The owner of the Cafe Noir has washed ashore, murdered, and Rick’s quarry was the last person seen with him. Rick employs his hard-boiled talents to find the killer. Was it the French madame and club manager, the voodoo priestess, the shyster British attorney, the black marketeer, or the femme fatale? The audience votes twice on what they want Rick to do next, and these decisions can affect the outcome of the play!


Rick Archer – A private eye who’s always wanted to be Bogart or Mitchum in a 1940s noir movie.

Madam Toureau – A lady who’s seen it all while managing Café Noir (where everything is for sale).

Sheila Wonderly – Real name: Sheilda Schickelmeier. A spoiled rich girl, learning life lessons the hard way.

Anthony Cairo – A dealer in the black market hiding at Café Noir to avoid the police.

Marie Larue – The daughter of a Voodoo priestess and a politican. She sells spells and tells fortunes.

Simon Gutterman – A British barrister in disgrace, after a scandal involving wealthy female clients.

Thursby/Vangilder/Rigfield – One actor plays all three roles: a two-bit gun runner, a blackmailer, and a British cop.

AUDITION FORM - Murder at Cafe Noir
Download PDF • 968KB

Fill out and email to with the subject "FOR BETTER AUDITONS FORM" or fill out and return at auditions.

A limited number of scripts available at ACT's office (417 S Main). Tentative dates are: Late September/Early October.

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