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Cast Announcement for "The Siegel"

Congratulations to the cast of ACT’s "The Siegel," directed by Paige Walth Tiede.

Performance dates: July 31 - August 4.

ACT’s Box Office will open exclusively for Subscribers on July 9. There’s still time to become a Subscriber! Visit for more information on all the benefits of subscribing and supporting your local Theatre.

ACT’s Box Office will open to the general public on July 13.



ALICE: Kylee Carlson

NELSON: Jason Honerman

DEBORAH: Bethe Martian

RON: Tony Kollman

JORDAN: Nicole Christiansen

SYNOPSIS: Ethan Siegel is in love, and ready to propose to Alice! There’s just one problem: Ethan and Alice broke up two years ago! While Ethan doesn’t see that as an obstacle, Alice’s new boyfriend might feel differently. Sarcastic, witty, fast-paced and fresh, this play presents a modern take on romance that asks the question: Is there really such a thing as a “soulmate?”

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