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Auditions "For Better"

Auditions: June 19th & 20th at 7pm at Capitol Theatre 415 S Main St.

A romantic comedy for the digital age! Karen and Max are getting married. At least, they will… if their jobs will ever let them be in the same city at the same time. “For Better” is a hilarious farce that pokes fun at our overdependence on the gadgets in our lives and explores whether, in the high-tech world of texting, email, and camera phones, a bride and groom actually need to be in the same country, at the same time, to tie the knot!

Download PDF • 702KB

Fill out email to with the subject "FOR BETTER AUDITONS FORM" or fill out return at auditions.


WALLY BAEDEKER - a man who's been married, Karen's father, 60's.

KAREN BAEDEKER - a woman who wants to be married, 30's.

FRANCINE DEXTER - a woman who is married, Karen's sister, 40's.

MICHAEL DEXTER - the man Francine married, 40's.

STUART TRAMONTANE - a man who is buffeted, 30's.

LIZZIE MONOHAN - a woman who floats, 30's.

Scripts available at K.O. Lee Aberdeen Public Library and ACT's office (417 S Main). Tentative dates are: Late July/Early August.

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